Develop your knowledge on serviced and non-serviced apartments

Develop your knowledge on serviced and non-serviced apartments

Accommodation comes in a variety of shapes and sizes in recent days. If you have opted on an apartment because of the flexibility it offers you two terms ‘serviced’ and ‘non-serviced’ and you might have wondered what the difference was. To learn more, read our about serviced apartments in singapore for a week.

What exactly is a serviced apartment?

  • A serviced apartments in singapore for a week is a sort of furnished lodging that can be rented for a short or extended period of time. It includes all of the conveniences needed to feel at home, such as space to relax and services such as a phone and Wi-Fi, as well as utilities and local taxes. They are also serviced, as the name implies.
  • Housekeeping, 24-hour customer service, and improved security measures are among the services provided. The flats are properly managed and offered for rent all year.
  • Because of their flexibility, privacy, and convenience, serviced apartments cater to a wide range of travellers, including professionals on short-term business trips, long-term executive tenants, family and group vacationers, and people relocating during home renovations.

What is a non-serviced apartment?

  • A non-serviced apartment is short- or long-term lodging that is privately owned and rented, frequently through a website. These can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, places, and quality levels. They are available completely, semi-, or unfurnished. This form of lodging may be appropriate for a tenant relocating to a new city or as a short-term rental for a group or family vacation.
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