Solve Barcode in Seconds by Honeywell Barcode Reader

Solve Barcode in Seconds by Honeywell Barcode Reader

When comes to barcode readers, they can be described as an optical scanners for reading printed barcodes. Also, decode the data comprised in the further barcode data is sent to a computer. A barcode reader can also be referred to as a POS or price scanner, a stationary or hand-held input device to read and capture information comprised in a bar code. Technological advances have enabled the new codes to be capable of storing more information in comparison to the traditional barcode. The เครื่อง อ่าน บาร์ โค้ด honeywell is playing and plugging with industry-leading scan performance and making barcodes look good even the most difficult ones.

It’s working

  • A barcode reader comprises a decoder to analyze the image data offered by the sensor and then sends it to the output port.
  • After scanning an image, it links to a host computer to pass the captured information.
  • The barcode symbols are recognized by the decoder, which translates the space content and bar, and to a PC, transmits the data in a readable format.


  • 1D Code- A white and black gap of distinctive widths, these codes have approx 12 characters. Only alphanumeric data can be carried out.
  • 2D Code- To store data, it uses squares, hexagons, or other shapes. As the name suggests, 2D code is arranged in both vertical and horizontal patterns to facilitate readability in 2-dimensional.


It can be concluded that barcode reader aids to read code that comprises information or data related to a specific product. For accurate inventory management, barcode readers are significant.

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